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Awards People Have Been Nice Enough To Give Me

Well, I've gotten a couple of awards now, so I finally get to put them on their own page. :) I'd just like to say that the people who gave me these awards rule, they are very nice, and you should definitely go check out their sites too! Every award has a link to its corresponding Sailor Moon page so if you want you can go right to their site. And now, the awards .......*drumroll*....

Thanks Michi-chan!

SailorSenshi Galaxy

Sailor Pluto's Award for a Great Image Gallery

Sailor Moon's Garden Site of Beauty Award
Sailor Moon's Garden
Proudly Gives This Award To
Galactica7's Image Archive

The Moon Over Tokyo Award
Thanks Joyce! :)

Fred says that I'm the first site to win this award! Sweet! :)

Fred's Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Page Award

Awards 2

Win an Award

More will, of course, be added as soon as I win them. So, I guess I'd better get back to making my site as cool as possible so I can win more awards, huh? :) See ya around!

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